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Hello lover! 

If you like what you're reading - you'll really love working with me! Getting married soon? Reach out and learn how the B.Bloom team can make your day as dreamy as this!

I wanted to start my first blog post with a wedding that was really very special to me. It was my very first Dallas wedding and took place 6 months before I officially launched my company.

I met Rachel while we worked for the same architecture firm about 3 years ago. I had been there for a little over a year and she had just started there. It was a beautiful summer day in Dallas and I saw Rachel eating her lunch outside in the courtyard alone and asked if I could join her. She said yes, and the rest as they say is history. We instantly hit it off and found ourselves hanging out more often than not. When I made the decision to leave the corporate design world and start my business Rachel was right there cheering me on. I was so honored when I got the opportunity help her and Joseph plan their wedding day.

It was a rainy Saturday morning in early April 2017 and their outdoor ceremony had to quickly become an indoor ceremony, but nothing was going to put a damper on Rae and Joe’s spirits. I mean, with ring bearers as cute as these guys how could you be anything but filled with joy?

Their ceremony was filled with lots of love, laughter, and a few happy tears. Smiles could be seen all around the room from their friends and family.

Joseph’s family is Taiwanese and he and Rachel wanted to incorporate part of his culture into their wedding by performing a tea ceremony. Rachel changed into her stunning red qipao for the ceremony and they presented the tea to their parents and grandparents. It was a very intimate and emotional moment that the guests got to experience.

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony and every detail was perfectly placed. From the gorgeous flowers, designed by Ashley at  The Rogue Rose, to the array of cookies and desserts from Breadwinners, everything was just as they had dreamed for their wedding. The sun even came out to play too!

After guests finished their delicious brunch menu they hit the dance floor in full force and finished out the day with a karaoke session!

Rachel and Joseph’s day is one I know I will never forget and could not be more grateful to have been a part of. They are two vey special people in my life and I am so thankful for their support in my early days as an event planner. Thank you 2Changz for your love and continued support!

Photo Credits: A Nomadic Love