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Hello lover! 

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Now don’t get me wrong, I love a first look on wedding days. It helps with the photography timeline when the timing is tight and can help alleviate some wedding day jitters for brides and grooms alike but, the traditional custom of not seeing each other until the ceremony is becoming increasingly more popular again. There are some great alternatives to doing a first look that will still help to fill that need to connect before the ceremony. Today, we are talking about 5 great alternatives!


A First Touch
This is such a cute and emotional moment that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of several times. Whether it’s reaching for each other from behind a door or around the corner you’ll still get moments of connection and love without seeing each other. It gives couples the opportunity to hold one another and even have a conversation without giving up that very special moment And don’t forget the photos are always freaking adorable as well.


Photo credit: Square 8 Studio

Love Letters
Who doesn’t love getting a good love letter? Even better, one that’s from the person you are marrying that very day. Words are so powerful and having something from the one you love on your wedding day is something you’ll cherish forever. Whether they contain a version of your vows, emotions, or just why you are so happy to be marrying one another – make sure have that tissue ready even with waterproof mascara.


First Conversation
Sometimes all you need is to hear the voice of the one you love! This is a perfect way to do that while still maintaining that element of surprise. Much like a first touch, couples can sit or stand on opposite sides of a wall or door and have a conversation about how the day is going and all the excitement. If being in the same space isn’t possible this can always happen via phone call as well!


Family First Look (or Wedding Party)
You can still have all the fun with a first look without your significant other! Why not have a first look with your parents or wedding party? None of them have seen you all done up and you’ll get those great reactions on camera as your loved ones let their jaws drop to the floor! I’ve seen countless brides do first looks with their fathers and they are some of my favorite moments I’ve ever gotten to be a part of. (My dad is my best friend, so I may be a little biased) 

Morning Breakfast
If you get up early enough, the two of you could enjoy one last breakfast together before getting married. Neither of you will be dressed or ready to go so there’s no risk anyone seeing something they shouldn’t. Even if you find yourselves spending the evening before separately you can always meet for coffee or pastries before hair and makeup shows up! Besides, both of you need to eat – because let’s face it, your wedding party is already popping those bottles of champagne!

Whether you decide to do a first look or not, there is no wrong answer. These are just a few fun alternatives to an already great moment. Do what you feel is right for you and your fiancé – it could be one of these or all of these and that’s ok! I hope these ideas sparked some interest – I look forward to seeing what other trends come to life! If you have another fun alternative not listed here I’d love to hear about it – drop a comment below!