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Hello lover! 

If you like what you're reading - you'll really love working with me! Getting married soon? Reach out and learn how the B.Bloom team can make your day as dreamy as this!

After a “bit” of a break, we are back! I wanted to introduce y’all to hair and make-up extraordinaire, Maggie Mae! Not only is her work breathtaking but she’s super stylish and so much fun to work with!

Tell me the basics about yourself – Who is Maggie Mae?
I guess if I had to use one word to describe myself it would be performer. Though I’m not a super outgoing person I love putting performance into everything I do. It’s why I have such a love for vintage clothing, hair, makeup, and music. I always feel like I’m on stage and want to be my best self, whether while working or in my personal life. My love for performing can make me a little goofy at times but also super serious when I need to be.

Besides my love for vintage you’ll find me grabbing tacos or Sunday brunch with the fam which includes my beau, my sis, and her husband and my two sweet nephews (who are my real true loves). Or hanging by the pool or at the lake in the summer. I love a good book and fantasy is my thing (think dragons and warriors as opposed to romance fantasy). My life is made fuller and happier by my two dogs, Cash and Hank, who are the sweetest boys a dog mama could ask for.

How did you get started in hair and makeup? 
I’ve always had a passion for the beauty industry. I’ve actually been playing bathroom beauty salon since I was three years old. I thought about pursuing hair and makeup right after high school but I decided to go to college instead. I wasn’t happy in the corporate business world so I made a shift and decided to make it official in 2011 and attended the Aveda Institute Denver where I graduated with honors.

When and how did Blossom Beauty come to be? 
After a couple of years doing cut/color services and managing a salon in Denver CO I decided to move to Eureka Springs AR. I knew that I wanted my own place and my truest love is styling hair. So becoming a wedding hair and makeup artist was an easy choice.

The inspiration for Blossom Beauty’s style of service is twofold.

The first was a haircut I received while on vacation a long time ago. The cut was amazing and the experience changed my life…seems a little silly right? But the stylist walked in in a three-piece suit and cutting my hair was such a show and production. The service was impeccable.

The second is spending my whole life in the theater. I’m a natural performer and I love a great production. I’ve been on stage as a dancer and an actress since I was a child. To me, there’s nothing better than the pre-performance anticipation, rush of the show, and bright lights.

Weddings are a production in themselves. So I wanted to combine my love for styling and makeup with all my years in the theater to create a unique experience and make everything go off without a hitch.

Do you have a favorite HAMU wedding memory?
I’m not sure that I have a favorite wedding memory but I have favorite weddings. Those where the bride and I really hit it off and the energy of the morning was really fun. (PS – If you invite me to your ceremony or have me stay for touch-ups, I will cry. Guaranteed!)

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give a bride looking for hair and makeup services?
Book early for the best artists and be prepared to treat your hair and makeup booking like you would a photographer or planner. There should be a contract and clear expectations and communication between you and your artist.

What’s next for Blossom Beauty?
The Blossom Beauty team of artists is growing. Right now we’ve got two teams (that means two weddings per day are possible given our availability). We’re looking to add a third team.

Fun Facts

Favorite TV Show: Sex in the City (I think, that was a tough one)
Favorite Book: Alice in Wonderland
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Date Night Activity:Dressing up and going to dinner, the theater or to hear live music
Favorite Hobby:Swimming (pool, beach, lake…I don’t care just give me water)